03-01-05 Watchlist Analysis

TLT: Bonds found buyers supporting price above break even and now looking at $130 resistance.  Watching 65m trend to support price through a reversal

Opportunity:  Holding swing points along 65m trend

03-01-15 Trade Plan

It was a pretty slow week in the indices with only a few names participating at a time.  The NASDAQ and Russell 2000 are still holding their intraday trends for the time being.  Russell still has support from $120 to break even area and the NASDAQ has $106 area support.  These are very generous support areas for buyers, meaning they have plenty of room to step in between where we are trading now and the support.  A test of these support levels would break the intraday trends but if buyers can hold control above the supports then we may be set up for a new run.  That's what I'm looking at for the downside potential, upside potential would just be continuing to hold the trends.

02-22-15 Watchlist Analysis

TLT: Bonds are still playing around with break even on the year.  Holding break even would still be a higher low on the big picture.

Opportunity: Selling some premium while IV is still high.  I prefer using defined risk spreads especially while sellers still have the upper hand

02-22-15 Trade Plan

The markets closed on another great note this week as indices continue to allow for an environment where stocks can rally with the wind at their back.  Even the NASDAQ itself has been a fantastic trade holding all the swing points since the entry opportunity around $103-104.  During these times is when I am looking for great risk/reward long side trades during trends in individual stocks, so unless there is a fresh trade to take in the indices I have all the information I need out of it for right now.

02-15-15 Watchlist Analysis

Getting right into it...

TLT: Bonds are still in an interesting spot coming back into break even on the year with the previous low back near $124.  I think there will be buyers stepping back in from here to break even, and it's something I'll be looking to play on the first bounce.

Opportunity: Reversing intraday trend above YTD break even to continue bigger picture up trend.

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